Top Food and Lifestyle Apps

These days, we enjoy a more mobile lifestyle than ever before.  Whether on the road or in the kitchen, technology can help us prepare and enjoy meals, providing convenience as well as access to information.  Here are some of our favorite food, and lifestyle, related apps we love.

Hello Vino


Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed, glancing down the wine aisle at the hundreds of bottles and choices available?  Whether you’re looking to make a memorable meal pairing, shopping for a special occasion, or browsing with a certain region or flavor in mind, Hello Vino does the work for you.  Simply answer a few questions about what you’re looking for, and the app will create a specialized list to choose from.  You can even save your favorites, so you’ll know which to choose next time.

Walk Tracker Pro


Make every step count by tracking your route and monitoring your workout progress with Walk Tracker Pro.  A fully customizable activity planner, training history, and in-depth workout plans combine with audio feedback to guide and motivate you along the way.  While exercising, you can even view your time, pace, speed, burned calories, training levels, splits, and a map, all while listening to your favorite playlist.



FoodGawker will upgrade the way you look for new recipes.  Let your eyes select what you’re in the mood for as you browse through thousands of mouthwatering, beautifully photographed food images.  Just click on an image to be automatically redirected to the food blog or website on which it appears, where you’ll find the full recipe and directions.  FoodGawker makes discovering new dishes fun, so you can stop flipping though cookbooks and typing into search engines, and enjoy browsing for new ideas.

Source: Smart Chicken Magazine

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