Successful Traits Shared By Top Producing Real Estate Agents

Sure all agents have the same tools at their disposal to market your house but  it’s how they use them that makes the difference.  So what makes one agent  different from another?  Here are a few characteristics that top producing  agents have in common.


Traits of Top Producing Agents


Inside a typical real estate market is a collaboration of small, specialized  communities.  You can’t expect an agent that specializes in one community  to perform adequately in another area.  Agents working outside of their  territory do not know your neighborhood’s housing market or the pricing  strategies unique to your particular area.  Therefore it’s vital that you  only consider agents that have a proven sales track record in and around your  neighborhood.  If they can sell houses in a 5-mile radius around your  location then they can sell your house too.

Attention to Details

Top  producing Realtors are observant to details.  They spot the smallest  improvements that can make your house more marketable; take the best pictures  that showcase your house; make create attractive MLS listings that stand out;  and they make sure all of the contract requirements and obligations are met in a  timely manner.


Top producing real estate agents have a buyers list and if that agent  specializes in your area, then they have a list of buyers that want to buy in  your area.  They also have connections with other Realtors in your area  that may also have buyers that would be interested in your house too.


You want an agent that doesn’t easily give up.  A top-producing agent  will pursue every lead that showed even the slightest interest in your house.   When your agent holds an open house, he/she should immediately contact  everyone that visited your listing to discuss your house’s benefits and features  with them.  Every missed lead is a missed opportunity and another day your  house sits unsold.


Top producing Realtors aggressively market your house, making sure that it is  always priced competitively and has the highest exposure to the most applicable  buyers.  They are quick to adopt new techniques and strategies that set  your house apart from the competition.


I’m not suggesting an agent should wear “37 pieces of flair” like in the  movie Office Space.  However, a top producing real estate agent should know  how to inject attention getting “flair” into your listing, be it in the form of  staging, marketing materials, or the MLS listing information.

Ability to Use a Phone

This is a big one with me.  When you hire an agent, they become YOUR  agent, which means they should return your phone calls.  Communication  between you and your agent is crucial for a successful listing.  If your  agent does not keep you informed of your listing’s progress then they aren’t  doing their job.  Naturally, if they know they aren’t doing a good job  selling your home, they won’t be calling you anyway.

Sold Something Recently

Top producing real estate agents are defined by the amount of houses they  sell.  If an agent hasn’t sold anything recently then that agent may not be  as successful as he/she pretends to be.


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