LinkedIn Tips

Linkedin 2

By: Peter Delle, Select Group Social Media Specialist

1. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE: Make sure all your contact info is up to date and include a professional head shot. Include your current position and any past relevant positions. Fill them out completely with the year you started and left and include at least three bullets of your Job responsibilities. Fill the “Skills and Expertise” as possible.

2. ENDORSE, ENDORSE, ENDORSE: You know people who are good at what they do. Endorse them on LinkedIn. I don’t care if it’s your dog walker or your dentist. Endorse anyone who deserves it. This will put your head shot photo on their profile. That’s really powerful, it’s essentially a free piece of advertising. This also links back directly to your online resume.

3. FIND YOUR KEYWORDS: What Google search do you want to be tied to your name? Everyone wants to be the top of a Google search, but not everyone can be. Find your niche. If you try to get the number one result for the Google search “Real Estate Agent,” you’re going to have a lot of work ahead of you. That’s why you need to find your area of expertise and run with it. If the majority of your business is Short Sale, then publicize that. In your bio on LinkedIn include the keywords “Short Sale” “Real Estate Agent” and List your City, if you heavily farm a specific community-then mention that neighborhood in your bio and  your job description. Pick the word you want to represent your business. The words you want to Google and see your shining little head shot photo in the first result on Google. Once you find these words, run with them. Include them anywhere you can.

4. CUSTOMIZE YOUR URL: It’s actually really easy to do. This one step will allow you to easily direct people to your LinkedIn profile. It’s the difference between your profile being found at http://www.linkedin/in/ref/sdfeeGHOIUSDFAHFIIKA/source/E or being found at (My actual profile). Click Here to see a How-To YouTube Video

5. SHARE YOUR BRAND: Are you a really fun person? Do you actually love living in your neighborhood? Will I enjoy doing business with you? I don’t know. You only post your listing and maybe a mortgage rate video. Potential Customers do not know who you really are unless you show them. “You are what you share” is a really powerfully quote. If you want people to tie your name to your personal brand, you need to share content with them. Post a video to you LinkedIn profile of your 4th of July at Lake Tahoe, share a photo of this fun home improvement project you just completed or the flowers blooming in your garden, blog about your weekend. If you’re a luxury agent that doesn’t mean your off the hook, you just have to share the content that builds your brand as a luxury agent. In addition to sharing articles about high income tax breaks that expire at the end of the year, share a review of that awesome restaurant you visited this weekend and interior decorating tips.

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