10 Quick Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

Blogs enable real estate agents to attract an audience of buyers or sellers looking for an agent in a specific geographic area. It’s also a great tool to showcase their knowledge and build trust with readers.

Blog posts have the potential to generate a stream of serious leads, however, real estate blogs tend to fail due to a lack of fresh, relevant content.

Agents must also understand that it is rare for a blog to immediately drum up a ton of business.  A successful online journal takes a lot of hard work, so agents without the time or the desire should avoid blogging altogether.

Those who want to give it a try will need to come up with original content on a regular basis — especially if they want visitors to “like,” “g+,” “pin,” or “tweet” their posts.  There are hundreds of topics to cover. It’s important to select subjects that complement personal business goals, target markets, interests, and personalities.

Here are just a few ides:

  • Agents could write about their pets
  • Answer questions posed to them through e-mail
  • Discuss conversations they had with other agents
  • Cover local events
  • Explain sales pitfalls
  • Give decorating ideas
  • Report industry news
  • Offer first-time buyer programs
  • Give advice on buying and selling foreclosures
  • Target advice toward FSBOs

Source: NAR

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