Dining By Boat In Lake Tahoe



Experience Tahoe’s Delicious Food Conveniently



It’s all about boating on Lake Tahoe when summer rolls around each year. And when you’re on vacation, nothing can be better than coasting up to a dock and finding a delicious restaurant waiting for you. Many of Tahoe’s lakeside restaurants are boat friendly. What that means is that they have either boat valet service or someplace to tie up your boat while you are dining, for a complete list of restaurants in the area that are boat friendly click here.

Cheap Dining by Boat in Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking to save a few bucks but need to find boat friendly restaurants in Lake Tahoe, have no fear. Here are some of the best Tahoe boat friendly restaurants for inexpensive meals on Lake Tahoe.

The Beacon Bar and Grill: Famous for its delicious Rum Runner drinks, the Beacon Bar and Grill is a staple at Camp Richardson and has delicious American food as well. Enjoy your meal on the large lakefront deck and tie your boat up to their dock to get the most out of your Tahoe vacation. The Beacon Bar and Grill is also on the more affordable side of food options in Tahoe making it one of the best places to dine by boat in Tahoe. Plus you can use the extra money you saved to take advantage of their boat valet service!

GarWoods Grill & Pier: This restaurant is open all day and has free boat valet service as well as a boat dock if you like to park your baby yourself. Sunday brunch in Carnelian Bay has never been as fun as when you go to GarWoods Lake Tahoe. This place is one of the best boat friendly restaurants in Lake Tahoe because of their flexibility when it comes to accepting guests who arrive by boat.

Classy Boat Friendly Restaurants in Lake Tahoe

You’re obviously already on the classy side of things if you’re pulling up to a restaurant at the wheel of a boat instead of a car, but these Lake Tahoe restaurants will make you feel even more upscale while you eat. These are the best boat friendly restaurants in Lake Tahoe if you don’t have to keep an eye on a tight budget.

Lone Eagle Grille Lake Tahoe: Lone Eagle Grille is an Alpine Lodge with some of Tahoe’s best fine dining. Known for gourmet seafood and the highest quality steak, this place does not go easy on your wallet but it will go easy on your stomach. And, of course, they have a boat valet service to make it the best place to motor up to for a luxury night out. This is one of the most upscale boat friendly restaurants in Lake Tahoe.

Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge Lake Tahoe: While Sunnyside Restaurant is not quite as luxurious as Lone Eagle, their Lakeside Dining Menu has delicious seafood and steak that is sure to please. And the boat valet service and dock at Sunnyside make it a great place to have lunch in the middle of a fun lake day, but you can also stay in the 23 rooms and suites at the lodge if you want to never be far from this great choice for dining by boat in Lake Tahoe.

For a complete list of Tahoe’s restaraunts that are boat friendly click here

 Source: tahoebest.com


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