Unusual Uses for Everyday Things

This week I decided to make my Top 10 List of Cool Uses for Everyday Things. You might be just like me and eat more calories two-by-two in the form of Tic Tacs or you could just feel like you keep wasting money when there has to be a simple solution. Whatever the case is, this list is sure to have something that will help you tackle those annoying everyday problems and find uses for those items you never thought would come in handy.

#1- Keep Potatoes from Budding by Storing them with an Apple in the Bag


#2- Bread Ties Keep Tape Ends Handy

The frustration of trying to find the end of a roll of tape. Especially when working on a large project. I will definitely be utilizing this handy tip in the future.


#3- Hard Plastic Soap Cases are the Perfect Size to Protect Your Camera when Traveling


#4- A Can of Crisco and a String Creates an Emergency Candle

I know we don’t often have natural disasters here, but this Crisco candle idea is awesome. This bad boy will burn for 45 days! That’s crazy. This is super useful for those unexpected power outages and be sure to pass this one to friends and family to live in wilder weather climates.


#5- Cinnamon Keeps the Bugs Away

Add a little to the kids sandbox to repel the ants and other bugs.


#6- Pants Hangers Make Great Impromptu Recipe Holders

And they hang right on your Cabinet handles!


#7- Easily Mark Your Keys Using Nail Polish

nail polish

#8- Tic Tac Boxes Provide Storage for Spices on Camping Trips

On my last business trip I went through three boxes of Tic Tacs in one weekend. Ok. So Maybe I have a serious Tic Tac addiction, but it also got me thinking about what else I could use the left over boxes for. As a lover of camping and good food, I will be trying out these re-purposed Tic Tac boxes.   

tic tac boxes

#9- Lemon Ice Cubes Make Cheap Garbage Disposal Deodorizer

It’s simple really. Pop some slices lemon into your ice cube tray, fill it with water and place in the freezer. Then drop one Ice cube in the garbage disposal and grind away.

Lemon Ice

#10- Galvanized Pail is Perfect for Hose Storage

Secure the pail to the wall for sprinkler storage inside and easy access to hoses.


Source: pinterest.com/selectgroupre/

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