Top 30 Planters – DIY and Recycled

Flowers have always been a part of our live, whether we just like to receive them or having them in our homes. What do you do when your plant need more space to grow or simply what do you do when normal planters aren’t enough for your specific needs? My suggestion would be to make your own planters or why not recycle some other planter you may have and use them. If you think that making your own planter is rocket science you can’t be more wrong.

Let’s take a look at time interesting planters and projects, and then we’ll comment about what we liked and what not.


1.Yogurt Containers: Easy DIY Planters.


Is we are at the DIY category we should say from the start that this is about making things cheap but original, to suit our needs and practice our skills a little bit. This project involves making small planters from yogurt containers. This is probably the easiest project ever, because involves a simple plastic food container which is thrown away as soon as is empty. To make it look special, spray paint it or apply models on it and let it dry, then simply plant your herbs. When I was a kid, my mom and I made lots of planters like this one.

2.DIY book planters.


This project simply amazed me when I first looked it. The idea is very original and I must confess that I would never thought of such a thing. These homemade book planters look wonderful and if you want to make some of your own this is what you’ll have to do. Find some old books and cut a hole in which you will later fit a plastic sheet to prevent any water and dirt to deteriorate the rest of the book. After that , take out the plants from their original planter and place them into the book. Trim the extra plastic and clean the newly created planter.  This is the perfect artistic extension: taking something beautiful and turning it into something else beautiful.

3.Planter from a wooden crate.



Making a planter from a wooden crate is both simple and very good looking and of course original. Due to their generous size these planters can manage a lot more than a simple plant. You can use them to transform your patio in a salad garden or to plant some fresh herbs or spices for your cooking. Nature takes care of most of the hard work so the only things you’ll need to do is to fill the planters with some fertile soil, make sure that the water can drain and then when the plants will grow you can be proud if your work as well as having a fresh spot of vegetation on your balcony or patio.

4.DIY Modern cement planters.

Wow, cement planters are so cool and very original with a fresh handmade feel.  These can be made by anyone and the result is simple, stylish and downright lovable. The mixture is one part cement and four parts sand. To give them the right shape you can look for old food containers with unusual forms, after filling the content of a larger bowl with the cement mix, place a smaller pot, an ice cream cup would be perfect, flip it and let is try for a couple of days. After that drill some holes for drainage, sand the edges smooth and plant a succulent.

5.Another cement planters.

Since we’ve mentioned cement planters earlier I propose to see another cool project with basically the same ingredients. This though has a slightly different technique, using straws for the planter’s drainage holes and some colored cement powder. The result is a little more modern with a refined feel. Still, the decorative impact is the same and can be used anywhere to animate a dull space. I particularly like how the planter and the plant gives a very chic splash of color in a white tilled bathroom, like in this picture.

6.Pram planter.

Wow, this is unique indeed. A pram planter? Who would’ve thought?  The uniqueness of this planter is given by the diversity of the two elements combined and how unrelated they are. A pram is meant to transport babies not to hold plant in it. Anyway, this is a success, because of the pram’s vintage feel and the green shades of paint that make the transition to the actual plants, not to forget that this thing has wheels and can be transported around the house where it can become part of the setting.

7.Recycled upside down planters.

Can planters can be a very cool and cheap idea to decorate your house, but upside down can planters? I personally never imagined plants growing upside down but today I found not only that this is possible but looks pretty good as well. To do a project on your own the perfect candidate would be a coffee can with a plastic lid. After drilling the drainage holes flip the can and fill it with some soil and add your plant. The tricky part comes now: to prevent the soil from spilling, therefore the plant, trace the bottom of the can on a coffee filter or landscape fabric and cut out the circle, which should be the diameter of your plant’s main stem. Also cut a hole in the plastic lid, put it on and flip the planter. Now, you have a cool recycled upside down planter to decorate your home.

8.Mason jar planter.

Inspired by the Spice Rack these planters placement assure a very interesting decorative element as well as utility. In these jar planters you won’t find any flowers, but fresh spices and herbs for a natural cooking. Clear your kitchen counter and keep your herbs, fresh in the air. This can actually mean a lot for those who don’t have a garden or plenty of space on the terrace or balcony, not to mention the fact that even small pots can cluster countertops and you might not have the necessary table space for the actual cooking. What a great idea, I must put it into practice someday.

9.Pallet garden.

If you have a small space on your terrace and you’re almost out of space to put pots, it’s time to think vertically. This unusual planter focuses on growing the plants density on your terrace without taking a lot of space. With a simple pallet found near a dumpster or behind a local store you can do it yourself. Prepare the pallet by repairing it and add some landscape fabric to the back. The plants should be special cascading plants so the entire ensemble would definitely look good and healthy. This is a perfect way to enjoy spring on a balcony.

10.Coffee bag planter pots.

If you are not a big fan of the traditional planters you can try to make your own. For this you will need ideas. A very interesting one suggests that you do a coffee bag planter. It does the same job but it looks completely different. Coffee bag pots are fantastic for many reasons. They are made from recycled materials, weather resistant but biodegradable as well. Probably the best feature, though, is that you can make them yourself in less than half an hour.  The result looks extraordinary in any corner, giving your décor a natural feel as well as an original touch.

11.Paint planters.

If you have artistic skills you can choose to make your own planters with very beautiful graphics on them. Old paint cans are most handy when it comes to planters and you can use their smooth side either to paint something as like in this case you can glue some vivid colored fabric. It doesn’t really matter the design printed on the fabric, just go with what you like/have and what you would think that would look good. Don’t forget to puncture a hole on the bottom of the can, for drainage when planting your herbs. This particularly type of DIY projects are suited more for people who live in apartments and don’t have a lot of space to play with, therefore a small planter that looks good works just fine.

12.Chalkboard pain pots.

If you don’t really want to change your old ceramic planters and still you need to change something about them, this is going to be just the thing for you. With some chalkboard paint and some crazy templates you can revive your old planters. On the new surface created you can simply write the plant’s name, or have some fun with funny drawings. The process is not difficult, but the result will dramatically change the face of your planters. It works perfectly as a fun gift of if you have kids with “artistic talent “, things could not be better. I’m telling you this is still a fun project even after you are done with it.

13.DIY water trough planter.

A water trough planter hasn’t been attempted before. Probably because these items are considerably more expensive than a normal planter of roughly the same size and because these things were designed to hold water, therefore, to make a planter you would have to puncture holes in them. But, once you have set your mind on doing it, the result looks pretty good. The metallic planter offers plenty of space for your plants as well as additional heat, so if you decide to put in them some vegetables; they will be done earlier, which is a very good thing.

14.Brick succulent planters.

Another thing that I thought it was never possible is represented by these brick planters. These natural and durable building materials provide a very cool contrast to elegant succulent plants. Used bricks work even better because they have a bit of personality and history behind them, and not to forget the costs (if they are used, they are probably thrown away, so they are free) . The tricky part is to drill the holes, it not very difficult but you’ll have to be very patient, because any shock could shatter the brick. The candle holder is optional, you can choose to do it, but it will only score points at style.

15.DIY Chevron-Patterned Reclaimed Wood Planter Box.

The idea of using an old wooden box as a planter is not new, but it continues to amaze every single time. This particular wooden box planter houses an avocado tree. The interesting fact about this planter is that the planter’s sides are made from reclaimed wood in a very playful chevron pattern. This delightful planter is a very good candidate for a garden project, now with the spring at its best.  You should get started!

16.DIY drip planters.

DIY drip planters are a very good idea if you are a free spirit who loves color. Spilling paint when painting your walls is bad, but spilling paint intentionally over some traditional planters is actually a very cool idea. I don’t know how this idea was born but the result is fantastic. The colored recipients  have a certain filthy look and that is why a certain period of time comes to my mind, when things were done careless, because people were busy making love instead of  war, if you catch my drift… Some of these items can be found at Ikea, but you miss all the fun. Try this at home, with your own old planters and see how it turns out. Uh, I can only imagine my old ceramic planters when I dip them in some leftover white paint.

17.Make Your Own DIY Floppy Disk Planters.

For the computer fans here’s a unique way to make a planter. For those who are old enough to know what a floppy disk is, this can be indeed a very cool idea. These kind of storing information hasn’t been used in a long time, so if you have them, they are most probably useless. Thanks to this idea you can give a second change to be used at something to 6 old floppy disks, this is what it takes to make a nice cubicle, ideal for  a very  cool geeky planter. I imagine that this will contrast marvelous near  modern computing units.

18.Recycled Paint Can Planters.

Recycling is important nowadays not because is a trend and everyone  doing it is cool but because our planet has less and less resources and it is  our job to be sure that our grandkids will see this planet as we see it now. Old paint cans are very often used as planters for various reasons. I will spare you from the details, and to make the long story short, I going to tell you what you already know: cans, can hold water, dirt and of course plants. Given these facts, why not using them as a planter? You can paint them to math your interior or simply clean them very well and take advantage of their nice metallic look. Anyway, this is the simplest way to make a planter, so it must count for something

19.Springy Painted Mason Jar Planters.

Mason jars are great. People have been using them for a very wide range of things. Among them, you can find Mason jar planters in various shapes and as we can see here, colors. These jars are very resistant; therefore they don’t have a problem holding some dirt and a small plant. Due to their volume only small and medium plants can be putted because their roots don’t need too much space. To spice a little bit their appearance you can spray paint them in any color you like, and if you use more of these jars you can make very nice decorative color combinations.

20.Tea cup succulent garden.

Tea cup planters are a first for me.  I haven’t heard so far about people putting plants in tea cups. Maybe because they are relatively small and can hold a small amount of gravel, but when I saw these planters I have changed my mind. Tea cups are in general very good looking and depending on the brand details and graphics can play a very important role in the design. If you want to have small plants that will fit perfectly on your window sill this can actually be a very good idea. The cup design along with some decorative gravel and the natural colors of the plant can really change the face of your dull window sills.

21.Diy shower curtain planter.

Speaking of crazy ideas for making planters; in these pictures you can see how a shower curtain planter looks like. Yes, you’ve heard me, shower curtain planters. The idea is pretty simple, it’s just like making a bag but instead of taking the fabric pieces then sew them together you will use the waterproof material for a shower curtain and glue everything in place according to you desired sizes.  The material is very strong and should hold a fair amount of dirt along with your desired plant. If you are lucky enough to have around your household a bright colored shower curtain or one with an intricate pattern your planters will definitely rock.

22.Bright DIY Planters.

We talked a lot lately about unusual planter and original designs, but traditional planters are still charming and many of us prefer those instead of paint cans or plastic food recipients. Traditional doesn’t really mean old, by the contrary; this thing means that the quality standards have remained unchanged for a long period of time. To add a modern touch to those wonderful ceramic planters you can use some acrylic paints and just draw some lines or color the margins with some bright, vivid colors.  This will definitely make your windowsill more playful.

23.Outdoor wood planters on casters.

I don’t know how many of you have a courtyard or big terraces, but those of you who are lucky to have such outdoor spaces here’s an idea for you. Why not make good old wood planters? You can choose the desired dimension, making sure that you have plenty of space to add as many plants as you like, as well as making combinations of plants, colors and arrangements.  The building process is not very difficult and if you really like being creative why not add some coasters to that planter you just built? In that way you can move it around either to capture the best light or to orientate them in your space differently whenever you like.

24.DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter Of A Tire.

I remember seeing this kind of planter on a scrap yard a few years ago. That was probably an accident, because there were tires all over the place and somehow some plants grew in a couple of them, but to see this as an intentionally thing, it is something. You probably saw planters made out of tires but stacked one on each other, like a small dumpster, painted in white and red from which a big bushy flower appeared. It is nice though to see a very original planter like this one, and you can imagine that you don’t need to actually do very much to make one for yourself.

25.Tiered outdoor planters.

Another cool idea to diversify your planter’s arrangement or to make new floral arrangements using traditional ceramic planters is this one. Take a look at how wonderful those three planters look stacked like that. To make a similar arrangement on your own all you have to do is take one large, one medium and one small pots and nestle them within one another in a way to create a planter that is as impressive as it is cost-effective. If you really want it to look amazing, paint the planters in different bright colors so it would pop put wonderfully on your terrace.

26. Tree stump planters.

I like how nature gives us ideas how not to lose everything but to transform it. This is the case of those wonderful stump tree planters.  These are pretty high, and not particularly on my taste. If the logs would have 10 inches or so in height and a darker color would be perfect, but these one work as well. This type of planter works great with some climbing plants, and it they are  placed somewhere under a fence or under  a nice traditional façade  the effect would be tremendous good looking.

27.Planters made from old tires.

Wow, this is truly amazing. We’ve seen before planters made out from tires but not like these ones. The wonderful design is possible thanks to  the individual pattern of the tires. As you can imagine bits of old tires were recycled and reused to make very cool and unique planters. I love the technique and how well they managed to expose  the tire’s original form and still transform it in a very cool design feature. Different tire sizes , different size planters.

These objects are extremely durable and flexible so dropping them shouldn’t be a problem, not the mention that the incredible curvature of the tire gives a nice shape to the planter. For the bigger and heavy planters, handles from the same materials can be attached as well, making them easier to transport or move around.

28.Rain boots garden.

Cool ideas can never stop pouring on profile sites, because people are different and see things differently. Now, we talked about planters for the few past minutes and still haven’t run out of ideas how to make an original planter. These pares of rubber boots make wonderful planters. Hanged by the fence, these colored boots look great filled with dirt and spring flowers on top.  The design of the boot makes all the difference if you really want a cool original planter.  Such vertical flower arrangements can be installed anywhere in your back yard, or if you don’t have one , interior walls work as well. It’s all about imagination.

29.DIY Shadow Boxes On A Fence.

More suited for  small urban gardens are flower arrangements that focuses on verticality, because space is scarcely among skyscrapers. These shadow boxes can be easily made from some scrap wood and hanged on the fence. Inside you can put all kinds of planters with the condition to fit the box’s height and width. Similar  to shelves these things can be as many as you like sheltering from  bad weather  your  beloved flowers. These wonderful shadow boxes are great decorations for a brick wall as well. You can adapt your design and plants to your own setting, making it look even better.

30.Another outdoor planter made from recycled tires.

As I was saying earlier this type of planter is very common on country settlements, where you have plenty of space around the house to play with. This exact white and red color palette I have seen along my journey through planter ideas (probably, because of the contrast). The advantage in this case is plenty of room, therefore suitable for big plants or even small trees or bushes, low costs in matter of materials. I personally like these planters very much and if I would have plenty of space to mess around in my back yard I would definitely go for a thing like that , also because I like cars very much as well, so a connection between nature and cars would be made.

This is it! I hope you liked the ideas presented here and most of all, as I always way, I hope that this would serve you as an inspirational material for your own DIY projects.

Wine Bottle Planter

These planters have a very original and interesting look. It’s because they are made from recycled wine bottles. It’s a great DIY project that can be easily replicated. We all like to have an occasional glass of wine. This means that the bottles will need a new purpose. So why not turn them into something useful and also creative, something that you can use as a decoration for your home? Let’s take a closer look at these planters.

The planters are made from actual wine bottles. The most difficult part will be to but off the bottom part of the bottles. This way your plants will be able to beautifully grow inside the bottle and then expand outside its limits. However, since they will be hanging upside down, using normal soil becomes impossible. Perhaps moss would be a better choice. You can then use some wire or rope and tie it just below the bottle’s threads. Hang it on your deck, terrace or anywhere else you want to.

This is actually a simple form of recycled art. Something as simple as a wine bottle can be turned into something as beautiful as a planter.The result will be simple, contemporary, eclectic and also quite intriguing. If you like you can peel off the label from the bottle. It can be easily done with some warm water and patience. Another interesting idea would be to paint the bottles. You would need some special paint and time to do all that. Still, this means that the planter will no longer be transparent or semi-transparent. There are lots of other ways to personalize this project.


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  1. Love these ideas….I wanna try ’em all 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Great selection! I am going to make some huge concrete planters for my yard. So inspirational.


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