March Garden Checklist


  • Give your shrubs a spring makeover! This is a good time of year to prune your shrubs, except for those that bloom in the spring. Remove any deadwood and encourage the shrub’s natural shape.
  • Complete that “Honey-Do” list! Finish building that trellis, raised bed, or stepping-stone path you started last fall. Inspect your garden for any needed structural repairs.
  • Clear out the rubbish! Get your yard back in shape by Removing debris from drainage ditches, gutters, and planting beds, clearing unwanted brush and undergrowth out of your yard, and cutting back dead foliage on last year’s perennials and ornamental grasses before new growth starts.
  • Make use of all that trash! Turn your compost pile to keep it decomposing, or start composting now!
  • Be proactive in your yard! Get rid of weeds as they sprout, and go ahead and take measures to protect your garden from pests.
  • Feed the soil! Once your spring soil is dry enough, amend your planting beds and lawn by “top-dressing” with a couple of inches of compost or your favorite organic mix.
  • Protect your planting beds with mulch! Even out your mulch with a rake to a depth of 2 to 4 inches and add more if needed. In colder climates, lightly cover early bulb shoots to protect them from a hard freeze.
  • Spring clean your shed! Give your gardening tools a good oiling, sharpening, and tune-up. Clean out empty flower pots, and dispose of any unused or broken ones. Old clay pots can be broken up to use for drainage in container gardens.
  • Take care of our feathered friends! Clean out and repair birdhouses, unless nesting is already taking place. Clean and restock bird feeders.
  • Don’t forget the lawn! Early spring is a great time for correcting and reseeding the lawn. Hold off on disturbing the soil, or heavy raking, if the ground is still frozen.
  • Move gardening indoors! Start seeds indoors for later planting in the garden. Repot houseplants if needed, and prune any dead foliage or overgrowth.
  • Plan and dream! Spend these first days of spring in your yard making plans for the coming year. As you enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and singing birds, indulge in the excitement that only spring can bring.

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