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Branding Resources & Materials


In an effort to help our teams, we put together this personal branding resource for you. Select Marketing strongly recommends utilizing the creative team. We have three strong graphic designers and we would love to help you with your advertising needs, simply email Orders@SelectGroupRe.com.

Note: All ads designed outside of the Select Marketing team must be submitted for a compliance check, email Orders@SelectGroupRe.com.



Basic Logo Rules

1) Do not watermark the Seal or Wordmark with a transparency

2) Do not place text or logos over the top of the Wordmark or the Seal

3) Do not crop or rotate the Seal or Wordmark in any other way except what is specified in the guidelines

4) Do not stack or lockup the Seal with the Wordmark in any way other than what is specified in the guidelines

Note: If you need a transparent version, email Orders@SelectGroupRe.com.


Standard Blue – view/download

Standard Black – view/download

UNR Logo – view/download


CB Residential & Commercial Management

Standard Flat – view/download

Standard 3D – view/download



  • Residential presentation for download. Personalization required on page two; agent photo, information and short bio.
  • For luxury presentations email Luxury@SelectGroupRe.com

Listing Presentation CB – Editable/Download

Luxury Listing Presentation CB Davis/Woodland – Editable/Download

Luxury Listing Presentation CB Lake Tahoe – Editable/Download

Luxury Listing Presentation CB Reno – Editable/Download

Global Luxury Listing Presentation – Editable/Download