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Resort Vacation Certificates – Spring into Savings Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates RGX Sale starts March 15th, 2019
Using validation code: century21
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Resort Vacation Certificates – Last Minute Shopper Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates RGX Sale starts December 16th, 2019
Using validation code: century21
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Resort Vacation Certificates – Black Friday Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates RGX Sale starts November 25th, 2019
Using validation code: century21
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The Relentless Podcast

Have you ever wondered what makes someone exceptional in business? Countless professional development books, conferences, and programs claim to have the answer: a one-size-fits-all solution or magical key to success.

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Agent X is Officially Here!

It’s been one exciting announcement after another – and we’re just getting started. I’m thrilled to share more exciting news: starting today all C21® System Members now can download Agent X, a voice assistant for the Amazon Alexa® platform, at no cost.

With the help of Agent X, C21 agents can now easily access information they need, when and where they need it.

Being able to Ask Agent X brings your most important information seamlessly to you, whether it’s an update on a listing status, property details, your upcoming schedule of appointments, or the top real estate news headlines.

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know to start using Agent X now.

New Window Signs Available

New veteran focused window signs are available for download now on

New Paid C21 Podcast – The Relentless

Keep up to date on all things CENTURY 21 with the new agent podcast. Start listening to The Relentless HERE.

#C21 Relentless Award – John Wallace

John Wallace, was chosen for the #C21Relentless Award he was one of FIVE awarded in the nation!



“I was notified I received the c21 relentless! I have been selling in the Chico CA. market for 29 years and have been serving my clients in the same way in that time. I also see I am followed by 1 person. Thank you Ariel Jordan.

I would love to attend this meeting from the 4th to the 7th but I am starting a major remodel on my home on the 3rd and my wife told me I had better be home for that job. We were married in 1983 and I have always respected her needs.

Just so you all know I did not set out to be a realtor but started life as a farmer working my way up to 4300 Ac. under cultivation. the 1987 recession put an end to that and started selling homes to care for my wife and 2 young children.

Real Estate picked me. In my first year I was looking for a job but soon found I enjoyed working with families and investors. I do feel a little silly getting a reward for something I should be doing. The first thing to remember about agency is we walk in out clients shoes. Everything we do is for the clients best interest.

I was never intimidated by the $ amount I was working with, my operating budget for the farm in the early 80’s was $2,100,000 a year. I was used to it.

My motivation for going above and beyond for my client was, if your are not better at what you do than other agents then you will be lost in the thousands of other agents. One thing to remember is, if you do a good job your client may tell someone about you. If you do a poor job they will tell everyone about that!

I will have more to say at a latter date but for now I hope all the c21 relentless have a great time this weekend.”

– John Wallace – CENTURY 21, Chico

Resort Vacation Certificates – Spring Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates RGX Sale starts May 23rd, 2019
Using validation code: century21
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Congratulations C21 Team on reaching Top 10!

View all the post-able banners in our banners section here

Resort Vacation Certificates – RGX Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates RGX Sale starts March 15th, 2019
Using validation code: century21
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GOLD Posts are Now Eligible!

New Gold Swing Posts with multiple panel options now eligible for subsidy!

Buy your gold powder coated swing posts here

Shop through multiple options for panels here

Resort Vacation Certificates – Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates Last Minute Shoppers Sale starts December 12th, 2018
Using validation code: century21
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California’s Solar Mandate

California has officially become the first state to mandate solar-energy installations on new homes built, including most single-family homes, multi-family residential buildings, condos, and apartment complexes. This requirement, beginning in 2020, will now formally be included in the state’s building code. While there are other cities within the state, like San Francisco, with solar mandates on newly-built buildings, this will go into effect for the entire state of California.

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What if we changed everything?

New Office Feather Flags

New office feather flags will start appearing, keep your eyes peeled.


Power Words!

Make Power Words part of your vocabulary!

  • Relentless
  • We Exceed Expectations
  • Give 121%
  • We Never Settle
  • Dream BIG
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We are leaders
  • Trailblazers
  • Dream Big & Move Fast
  • We are innovators
  • We get noticed


Resort Vacation Certificates – Black Friday Sale!

Resort Vacation Certificates Black Friday Sale starts November 19th, 2018
Using validation code: century21
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Keep Your Pipeline Full With These Nick Bailey Tips

This month, Nick is sharing five great ideas to keep your pipeline full, and list and sell more homes with planning, focusing and leveraging today’s ‘resource’ culture.

Click here or the video above to view

Coming Soon: New Photography Options

C21 Leadership shared a sneak peek of the first visuals for the new photo series. Check out the behind-the-scenes of the day on set on Century21 Online here.

2018 Inman Innovator Award for Marketing

Thank you to Inman for awarding CENTURY 21 with the Inman Innovator Award for Marketing for the successful rebranding of the company and a big thank you to the agents and staff that made it happen!

“It’s rare that a rebrand is so widely hailed as the best possible reiteration of a company, but the CENTURY 21 clean and sweeping rebrand was so sophisticated and modern that it was immediately accepted and celebrated throughout the real estate industry.” – Inman

Resort Vacation Certificates – Fall Market Sale!

Shop September 21st – 30th, 2018 for an amazing deal on these vacation certificates.
Using validation code: century21
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One21® Experience and RGX Presents IMAGINE DRAGONS Concert!

Through the combined power of the One21 Experience and RGX, we are thrilled to announce IMAGINE DRAGONS will perform LIVE at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! Join the CENTURY 21® network on Wednesday, March 20, for an evening filled with superstar musical entertainment!

Imagine Dragons is a chart-topping pop-rock band known for their top hits such as “Believer”, “Thunder”, and “Whatever It Takes”. The band has won three American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, one Grammy Award, one MTV Video Music Award, and one World Music Award. In May 2014, they were nominated for fourteen Billboard Music Awards, including Top Artist of the Year and a Milestone Award, which recognizes innovation and creativity of artists across different genres. Imagine Dragons have sold 12 million albums and 35 million singles worldwide and in April 2018, the band was nominated eleven more times for Billboard Music Awards.

One21 will be a conference like no other. And, for the first time, our brand conference will be combined with a day hosted by Realogy. The event, Realogy Global Exchange (RGX), will be filled with tremendous learning from top-tier speakers, an amazing expo featuring the products and services of our world-class partners, and a concert performance by Imagine Dragons. It will be the largest the industry has ever seen.

Register for the One21 Experience today to reserve your seat at this one-of-a-kind event!


The test painting of a few posts at a CENTURY 21 office last week went very well & the gold is looking sharp. The paint supplier is working this week to finalize & test the order entry website & complete the “How To” & FAQ documents. The docs will give you step-by-step directions to apply the paint to your posts. (Applying metallic paint for outdoor use is a little trickier than painting a bedroom.) If all goes well, the order portal should open next week for you to be able to order paint & download the documents.

For the purchase of new gold posts, Dee is working with their suppliers to make sure the suppliers match the color correctly. We’ll provide an update later this week on how well the production tests went & the potential timing of when you can order new gold posts.

FHE Logo Debuts

The new Fine Homes & Estates Logo has arrived and is ready for use!

C21 Global Conference Contest 2019

The C21 Global Conference Contest is live and aimed at getting you to the MGM Grand in wonderful Las Vegas!
All closings between now and the convention in March will get you one step closer to a Company Paid Registration or even paid airfare!
Click Here to download the flyer
Click Here to download the Global Savings Plan

C21 Rebranding

Logo re-branding will be complete June 15th, 2018 on the following:

Business Cards

We designed new business cards:

View Samples Here

Commercial and Fine Home & Estate Logo’s will debut later this summer.



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