Surveillance & Home Sellers

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

As a homeowner, security is very important. Protecting our homes, loved ones, and possessions is something we all care deeply about. However, when one is selling a home, security camera’s and listening devices create new issues for both buyers and sellers.

Technology and home security go hand in hand. Now more than ever, smartphones and homes make it easier to be constantly connected to everything and anything. But as advancements in technology continue, the concern for potential misuse is valid. I have come across more homeowners and sellers with multiple security cameras throughout their listed homes installed with the intentions of gathering information about their potential buyers. And while the push for knowledge and safety are reasonable for any homeowner, the methods in acquiring both may be questionable as they apply to legality and privacy.

The feeling of being “spied” on from every angle as Realtors tour market listings with their clients is becoming more of the new normal. Surveillance and real estate can be a touchy subject riddled with emotions. To adjust with the just-in-case, we are finding ourselves having to have conversations with our clients warning them of the possibility of being watched or listened to. As violating as it may feel as you may never know who may be listening to your conversation it’s best to speak with caution and away from the property. It may also be difficult to know what device has recording or listening capabilities as many machines are enabled to track movement and sound.

The National Association of Realtors provides information on every state’s video and audio surveillance laws. To play it safe, it’s best to keep any comments with your Realtor under wraps until safely out of earshot or the camera’s watchful eye. Contact me with information on what your state’s surveillance laws are.

2 Comments on Surveillance & Home Sellers

  1. Teri Clark // April 25, 2018 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Wow. I have cameras so I can monitor the safety of my husband due to his health issues. I never thought of it as spying. What are the laws in Nevada and how would you prove intetent?


  2. Thank you. This is good to know and remember…


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