Seven Tips To Use Emerging Social Media

Real Estate is very much a numbers game. An important key to success for real estate agents, is growing their professional brand. The problem is that you can only meet with a certain number of people every week. Below are my top 6 tips for how Real Estate Agents can reach more potential clients using social media, including some emerging social media platforms that you might not have considered in the past. You can reach a huge amount of additional people by using social media effectively. Think of how beneficial it would be to have a farm group of several thousand people that you’re reaching every week. Doing this takes some work and commitment, but when done correctly the benefits are huge.

Recruiting Cafe Style

1. Instagram | Showcase photos of the unique aspects of your listing.  Instagram is a photo-based social media site. It’s set up perfectly for Real Estate agents to showcase their listings. You don’t have to be a professional photographer- bust out your IPhone and go take photos of cool features. In the past year, Instagram has seen a huge increase in users and will likely continue on that path.  Currently not many real estate agents are using Instagram to it’s potential. Get on this site and post one photo of each of your listings.

2. Instagram | ONLY post photos with visual appeal on. Look for the most visually appeally aspect of the property- The coolest part. If you said “Wow” when you saw the view the house has of Lake Tahoe, pull your phone out right there and take the photo. If it you loved a flower planted in the landscape, use that as your photo.

3. Pinterest | Create an online catalog. Pinterest is also a photo-sharing social media site but is set up very differently than Instagram. On Pinterest, your photos are organized on “Boards” This setup is ideal for  creating catalogs. You can create a board for a specific neighborhood and pin photos of your listing for that area, as well as community parks and events. You could create a board for specific property and pin staging ideas, gardening tips, and obviously photos of the listing linked back to the original MLS page.

4. SOI | Position Yourself as a “Go to Source”. Use social media to build your professional brand as an expert. If you want to be your SOI’s go to source for market news, then you should post fed news, mortgage rates and real estate market trends. If you want to position yourself as your SOI’s go to source for their luxury real estate needs, then share content focused around that.

4. Repin, Reweet, or Share. Good information is good information. Don’t be afraid to share a photo on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, or repin on Pinterest. Deep down everyone wants their content, so you’re only going to be making friends when you share someone else’s content. It doesn’t matter if you came up with the information, It matters that you are your SOI’s source for that info. You provided it to them and showed that you are a source for all usefully info.

5. Go Mobile. Social Media doesn’t have to take a large amount of time. All social media sites, have smart phone apps. The next time you’re waiting in line at Starbucks, get on your Twitter App and retweet a couple of tweets.

6. #Hashtags. You can insert a “#” before any word and create a clickable link. Just like in the Tweet below, you can click on #RealEstateAgent and get directed to a page within Twitter that lists all the other tweets with that same hashtag. Only use a hashtag for topics you want your fans to search. As a real estate should never use the hashtag #RealEstateAgent, because you don’t want your potential clients searching for other agents.

7. Commit. The biggest mistake people make on social media is starting, but not following through. If you start a social profile, commit to logging in every week and posting or share new content.

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