Sacramento Shade: Free Trees


Sacramento County residents are eligible for up to 10 free trees through the Sacramento Shade tree program through our partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

Businesses in the SMUD service area, including places of worship, non-profits, and government institutions, are also eligible for free SMUD shade trees.

If you live outside of Sacramento County or don’t have room to plant energy savings shade trees, we encourage you to visit a local retail nursery to purchase your tree(s). Looking for a tree use this really informative  Greenprint Tree Guide (.pdf) It has so many helpful hits to help you choose a tree that will both grow well in our climate and provide the greatest benefits.

Sacramento Shade customers can choose from over 30 deciduous trees (deciduous trees shed their leaves in the fall to allow the warm winter sun into your home). Along with trees, you will receive stakes, ties, and expert advice.

Getting your free SMUD shade trees is easy! Just follow these steps:

     1. Watch the “how to plant a shade tree” video.

     2. Review the list of trees we offer.

     3. Complete our interest form to schedule an appointment with one of our expert Community Foresters.

     4. Trees will be delivered with all the necessary supplies within 10 days following your appointment.

It’s 100% free!

Have questions? Call us at (916) 924-8733, email us, or review our frequently asked questions!

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